Welcome to the official website of the Mahatma Gandhi Education and Welfare Society (MGEW) - a dedicated non-profit organization aimed at promoting higher education, facilitating research, and fostering intellectual growth within our society.

What We Do

Promotion of Higher Education

Our primary objective is to break down barriers to higher education. We strive to provide opportunities for individuals across all sections of society to pursue advanced studies and research, fostering a culture of continuous learning and intellectual growth.

Research Facilitation

The MGEW Society is deeply committed to cultivating an environment that encourages scientific inquiry and innovation. We facilitate research activities across various fields of study, providing essential resources and support for researchers to drive their work forward effectively.

Publication of Scholarly Works

We recognize the importance of sharing knowledge and celebrating scholarly achievements. Our efforts extend to publishing books, research papers, and other scholarly works which not only contribute to the academic community but also provide recognition for the brilliant minds behind them.

Organization of Seminars and Conferences

We believe in the power of shared ideas and collaborative learning. To foster this, we organize regular seminars and conferences, providing a platform for scholars, researchers, and students to present their work, exchange ideas, and network with others in their field.

Running an Academic Journal

Our commitment to the academic community is reflected in our goal to run a reputable academic journal. This platform will publish high-quality, peer-reviewed research papers, disseminating original research findings, review articles, and critical analyses in various fields of study.

Collaboration and Partnerships

In order to maximize our impact, we aim to establish collaborations and partnerships with other educational institutions, research bodies, and organizations. This synergy enhances our capacity to carry out research, organize events, and work towards our objectives more effectively.

Contributing to Environment, Health, Rural and Social Development

Your contributions energize our environmental campaigns, health initiatives, rural development efforts, and social development programs. This includes tree plantations, clean-up drives, health camps, free medical services in underprivileged areas, improving the rural access to basic amenities, promote sustainable agriculture, reducing poverty, working towards social justice, gender equality, community welfare, and providing psychological support.

Join us as we work towards building a more educated, enlightened, and empowered society. Your support can make a significant difference. Together, we can shape a brighter future for all.


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Thank you for considering contributing to our cause! Your support plays a vital role in fostering education, promoting sustainable development, and empowering individuals and communities to build a brighter, more equitable future for all.

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